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Guatemala Las Plantas


Guatemala Las Plantas
Flavor Profile:
Floral fragrance, caramel sweetness, juicy, red fruits, strawberry, blackberry, green tea

Origin Information:
Bourbon, Caturra
Crop year:
Grade: SHB

Background Information:
Origin: Octavio Herrera

La Esperanza

Mr. Octavio Rafael Herrera Ordoñez, known as 'Otto', worked in coffee for 25 years and is currently retired. The farms are currently under the administration and operation of the second and third generation of the Herrera Family with over 50 years of experience in growing coffee. The family has been pushing the quality of the coffee processing allowing their plants to bring forth their best qualities.

We work closely with Octavio and family, and buy a few different lots and varietal separations, and every year these lots show up for class: They're juicy, complex, and downright delicious. Some of these include Las Piedras, Los Cedros, and Caturra lot separations.