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Mizuba House Matcha


Mizuba House Matcha

Our certified organic first flush artisanal Matcha. A more savory offering than our Daily Matcha, the House showcases fresh, traditional & enjoyable flavors. Like our ceremonial Nagomi Matcha, this organic tea is only harvested once a year, and is the first harvest of the year due to the difficult process of growing the organic tea. Sip the vibrant green tea and dream of the equally vibrant tea fields of Uji, Japan. We love this matcha whisked hot with honey, and then poured over ice!! A perfect refresher. 

Flavor profile: Strong aromatics of ripe red fruits - particularly raspberry jam. What is sweet on the nose comes out savory in the mouth: House's smooth umami flavor showcases vegetal creaminess with brisk oceanic hints. 

Size: 40g Tin (20-30 servings)

Our matcha is exceptionally fresh: sourced, shade-grown & stone-milled to order from our friend's organic farms in Uji, Japan. Our matcha is grown solely with natural, organic fertilizers and no agricultural chemicals or pesticides are used.